About Jeanie | About Jeanie's Creations

Jeanie loves art. She wants to touch people’s heart deeply with her drawings and paintings.

Jeanie was born and grew up in Hong Kong. When she was a child, she dreamed of being an artist and an astronaut.

For some reason, she dropped art in secondary school and chose to study business in college. After graduating from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, she worked in the banking industry for a couple of years. She then realised that it was not what she wanted to do, and more importantly, not what she should be doing. In 2009, she quit her stable job to fulfill her childhood dream of becoming an artist, though she has never received formal art training.

In 2010, her debut picture book “A Time for the Heart” was published. A year later, Jeanie’s first solo exhibition “Smile, please” was held. A picture book of the same title was also published at the same time.

Jeanie is now working very hard on her art and learning new things every day. She also hopes her art can help to reveal the beauty of life for everyone.


P.S. Given the chance, she would still like to be an astronaut too.