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White trees blossom and the sky glows with turquoise; memories float in a singing wind. This is the white forest where Oowa lives, abundant with treasures of life waiting to be discovered.

Oowa can always step away from the bigger world and forget about time. During his journey to the beauties in the white forest, Oowa listens to his heart and speaks to himself.

He is not alone, because he has started to make new friends in the white forest. They love to play hide-and-seek, to sing together, and to share their joys and sorrows.


A cheerful kid who stole his own smile. But after taking a journey through his own inner garden, he discovered the secret of a genuine smile. Now he spends most of his time with others, uncovering the beauty of life in the white forest.


A little girl who didn’t know how to smile when she first met Oowa. She was once a distant person to Oowa, but is now his closest friend.


An innocent kid who always stands beside Oowa.


A little girl who is always thinking and keeping busy growing plants in the forest’s white mud.

Doctor O

A hard-working boy who loves reading and maths. He thinks everything can be evaluated with numbers, and that every effort should be rewarded.