2014     “The Blue Moon”

2012     “The Song of Memory”

2011     “Smile, please”

Bookstore List

2010     “A Time for the Heart”

Bookstore List
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2014     “The Blue Moon” at PubArt Gallery

Photo Gallery

2013     “The Garden of Happiness” at wtc more

Photo Gallery

2012     “The Song of Memory” at Page One Hong Kong

Photo Gallery

2011     “Smile, please” at Zā€™ Studio

Photo Gallery


2014     “Sanofi”

Calendar design

2014     “Headline Daily”

Column Author

2014     “Christian Action”

3-Legged Charity Walk icon design

2013     “SHK Reading Club”

Character design

2013     “Sanofi”

Calendar design

2013     “Inkiostro Bianco” - Italy

Art Wallpaper Collaboration

2013     “Hopewell Real Estate Agency Limited”

Calendar design

2013     “Gift and Premium Fair”

Book design

2013     “Arts with the Disabled Association”

Joint exhibition

2013     “wtc more”

Premium design

2012     “Page One”

Christmas card design

2012     “Sanofi”

Calendar design

2012     “Love@Winter”

Charity program

2012     “Metro Books”

Hong Kong Book Fair booth and premium design

2012     “Starbucks Hong Kong”

“Care for Our Planet” Cookies in Tumbler Charity Set

2011     “ODOYO x MILK Magazine”

Design demonstration and judge for “Create Your Own Skin” iPhone Case Design Competition

2011     “Date with Oowa at the Peak”

Collaboration project with Peak Tramways / The Peak

2011     “V city - Sun Hung Kai Properties”

2012 calendar and red pocket design

2011     “Health Concept”

Charity campaign for The Joyful (Mental Health) Foundation - Christmas card design

2011     “BeautyExchange”

Christmas feature design

2011     “Commercial Press”

2012 calendar card design

2011     “Senior Citizen Home Safety Association”

Charity campaign for fund raising - Poster and premium design

2011     “Sanofi”

Corporate gift design

2010     “Little Dates - Lock Screen Calendars for iPhone”

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2010     “Hong Kong Weather”

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